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Want to add a style statement to your workouts? Do you work out in style? … no? Well, do so now with fitness jewelry that is one of the hottest wearable technology fashion around. It always made me wonder why Fitbits looked so boring, but no more. All the women out there can pour in their love of jewelry into Fitbits.

Fitbit accessories like the Tory Burch bracelet is bound to not only make your workouts easy, personality-filled and fun, but they are a great source of head turning. Let us walk you through accessorizing the Fitbit.

Your Fitbit can be greatly accessorized with one of the finest Fitbit Tory Burch collection but in case you don’t want to spend $200 on it, then there are other cost effective ways of brightening up your Fitbit with amazing fitness jewelry that run ahead of trends.


Jewelry ideas for your Fitbit


Go for Layering

Layering remains a styling solution for people who are busy every day and even celebrities to this day. You can simply accessorize your Fitbit by layering it with braided and beaded jewelry or antique silver engraved bracelet. Keep in mind that your Fitbit color goes well with the bracelets.



Another way of getting a pure dramatic effect is my mixing and matching two bracelets. For instance, pairing the rosy colorful beaded bracelet with The Tiffany Colorful Rhinestone Studded Snap Fitbit Bracelet.

Select Bracelets that go with your personality and reflect who you are. When the bracelets emit your personality and shine with your soul’s radiance, you can easily carry them with all the confidence and boldness making a statement of simply YOU.

Add rings

Although bracelets remain the top priority to conceal and accessorize the Fitbit, adding some magnificent rings only completes your style statement. 

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Some fitness jewelry tips:

When adding jewelry to your work outs, here are some things you should keep in mind:

  • Choose a jewelry that is not damaged by sweat.

  • Opt for bracelets that don't bother you when you are working out. They should blend in easily with your workout without any kind of interference.

  • Pick jewelry that doesn’t damage your Fitbit in any way.

  • If you are a lover of layering bracelets, more is so much better than stacking lesser giving off an enchanting effect. Add more with no worries at all. Stack up till you are satisfied!

  • Jewelry sure does compliment you. It can be helpful in changing your look every now and then. Keep adding more bracelets to your collection on a regular basis. you cannot remain ahead of trends all the time, but you don’t want to look outdated either.

Do you happen to be a Fitbit user? How do you add style to your workouts?