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Which Fitbit should I get?

Which Fitbit to get? The Surge, Flex, Charge HR or Blaze?


The beauty of Fitbit is that you can monitor your activity easily, assess your fitness regime on the go and analyse the data afterwards, but with five different wristbands and two clip-on activity trackers in the range, choosing the right one for you when you are looking for one of Fitbit's new devices can be a daunting prospect.


High-end performance - The Fitbit Surge, Fitbit Flex and Charge


At the most sophisticated end of the range, the FitBit Surge is described as a fitness super watch and it certainly fits the bill. The Fitbit Surge offers GPS tracking, including detail on distance, pace and elevation, the PurePulse heart-rate monitor, a multi-sport mode that allows you to track rides and runs easily, and wireless syncing. It also lets you control your music playlist from your mobile phone and even monitors your sleep. It comes in three stylish colours: black, tangerine and blue. Its long battery life makes it perfect for even the most intensive fitness regime.



The Fitbit Flex on the other hand comes in a wide array of colours, from violet to teal, and is designed for the fashion-conscious fitness enthusiast. It does not offer the same range of features as the Fitbit Surge, but does provide all-day activity monitoring to count steps, track calories burned and measure distances. The Flex also lets you set a goal and tracks your progress towards it with the LED progress tracker. Like the Surge, the Flex can monitor your sleep and also has a silent alarm feature.






For slightly greater interaction between your mobile and your Fitbit, the FitBit Charge offers many of the same features as the Flex but with the additional ability to view incoming calls from your mobile. It combines a watch with fitness display and also includes sleep monitoring, alarms and wireless syncing. A slightly larger band than the Flex, it comes in burgundy, blue, slate and black.


Fitness focus - The Fitbit Charge HR and the Fitbit Blaze



The Fitbit Flex and Fitbit Charge are both categorised as everyday products. For those looking for higher end activity-focused Fitbits, the Fitbit Charge HR and the Fitbit Blaze are your best options. The Charge HR can recognise when you are exercising and automatically start recording data; it also records workouts and can provide detailed exercise statistics to help you assess your workout and adapt your routine for best results. In addition to tracking workouts, it also monitors all day activity. Available in plum, tangerine, teal, blue and black, the Charge HR is a high-powered exercise monitoring system that also offers a stylish complement to your outfit.

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The latest addition to the Fitbit range is the Fitbit Blaze, a new product in the Fitbit line, which looks and feels like a traditional but high-end watch, and offers a colour touchscreen, GPS tracking, connected GPS, and on-screen workouts. It also offers the ability to see text, call and calendar alerts and control your music on your phone. Like the Fitbit Surge, it has a multi-sports mode and can track both workouts and all-day activity. You can also purchase a range of replacement bands and frames to match your style.




Fitbit replacement bands and Fitbit accessories are available to help you further customise your Fitbit experience.


Why buy a Fitbit? 

Fitbits are great options for all levels of fitness enthusiasts, from those just starting out to those wanting to work towards a particular goal such as 10,000 steps a day. They offer tracking and monitoring functionality to help you understand your exercise and achieve your goals.